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Where can I get a self-timer for my M?

Self-delay timers

When the M6 was designed in the early 1980s, the self-timer on the front of the camera was replaced by a battery compartment. So in order to use a self-timer with the M6, you need to buy one as a separate, small clock-work accessory which screws into the camera shutter release socket.

These are easy to buy at any photo store and are made by Hama or Kalt. New ones usually cost $US 15-25, although it shouldn't be too hard to find one 2nd hand for $US 5-10.

Have a look at the following URL for the various types of mechanical timers available: <<

And when only the real-thing will do, Wetzlar Snobs can also trawl the net and second-hand dealers for Leica APDOO and OZTNO adapters. They go just great with your "I-Love-Oskar-Barnack" t-shirts and prayer shawl …

John Collier noted the following details in Jan 2002:

The Leica self timer is a APDOO/14003 (or ASKOO when it includes its case). It is very small and easy to use. They can have missing teeth in the main timing gear so make sure you get one that sounds smooth. The self timer was for the LTM cameras so you need the release adapter OZTNO/14088 to mount it on a M camera. These both show up on eBay all the time with varying prices. The OZTNO/14088 tends to be least expensive when it is described as a soft release with no part code.

Exposure Timers

Exposure timers - which keep the shutter open for set periods during time exposures - are harder to come by. See the following Jan 2002 discussion at < #001tJV>. Basically your choice boils down to the mechanical, massively overpriced ($US 600!) Prontor Professional Timer, or else some kind of home-brew servo-electric solution.

As I often need to shoot a sequence of time exposures when doing indoor QTVR photography, I have a keen interest in this topic and will report back ASAP if I find any practical or inexpensive alternatives.

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